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Pay suppliers faster, manage invoices, and extend cash for longer. Get access to funding without giving up equity, so that you can focus on growing your company.

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Illustration of two people carrying a canoe in a mountainous landscape with pine trees, a river, and logs at sunset
Illustration of two people carrying a canoe in a mountainous landscape with pine trees, a river, and logs at sunset

good for the planet. AND YOUR BUSINESS.

We are on a mission to help good businesses grow. This is why we reward sustainable businesses with lower fees, freeing up even more of your cash. Get started and access funding in 5 minutes.

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Grow with
the flow.

We help you preserve your cash, so that you can focus on growing your business and improve cash flow.


Adaptable funding. Endless possibilities.

Our AI-driven funding automatically updates as you grow, so you can always get the right amount of funds.



Build your cash instantly without the need for dilution, and own more of your business for longer.

CALCULATE your funding

Your funding – and your fee – is based on how financially healthy and ESG aware your company is. The more ESG accreditations you have, the lower your fee.

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We back companies committed to a better world with strong environmental, social, and governance ethics.

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midsize businessES
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to suppliers
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WHO can demonstrate
sustainability efforts
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doing good, together.

doing good, together.

“Running a startup apparel business can be difficult; and managing cashflow has always been one of our most important challenges. Kikin helped us navigate this with their quick and easy application process and rapid turn around time. I've already recommended them to a number of other businesses we know!”
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Jojo Regan, Founder at Manors Golf

doing good, together.

doing good, together.

“Kikin has given us the flexibility to extend invoice payments for new product development for up to 6 months. This has enabled us to start selling our products before we have to pay our suppliers which is a great for our cash flow management. What I like most is that we get discounted fees for being a B Corp. It's great to work with a partner that shares our values”.
Sue Aksaz, Head of Finance at The Nue Co

doing good, together.

doing good, together.

"There are plenty of businesses offering invoice financing, but I've never come across one that has been so supportive and transparent in everything they do as Kikin. We were immediately drawn to their focus on impact-based businesses and the incentives they provide for startups putting the planet first have the potential to drive meaningful change in the funding landscape. We see Kikin as long-term partners who give us the capacity to grow faster and we can't wait to see what we can achieve together."
Logo of Citizens of Soil
Michael Vachon, Founder at Citizens of Soil

doing good, together.

doing good, together.

"Kikin is amazing, I couldn't recommend them more. The team are super easy to work with and the impact for us managing our cashflow has been immense"
Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, Founder at Punchy Drinks

doing good, together.

doing good, together.

"Kikin's focus on impact based businesses really stood out to us. The onboarding was super smooth, the platform is well designed and easy to use and the team have been excellent in making it work for our requirements with quick communication and rapid turnaround on requests."
Tim Keaveney, Founder at Homethings


How quickly can I access the funds?

Once you've completed a brief questionnaire about your business and connected your financial accounts, you'll have immediate access to a portion of your funds. The full amount will be available within 72 hours after our team manually checks your company details.

What can I use the funding for?

We offer financing for your supplier invoices. Simply upload your supplier's invoice to our system, and we'll handle the full payment to them. For a list of goods we don't cover, please refer to our Terms of Service:

How do I know that my company is a good match?

We love supporting UK-based businesses that need to pay their suppliers, whether they're local or abroad. Just share your financial history with us so we can figure out your credit line. Additionally, if you’re committed to sustainability, we appreciate that and offer special discounts on our fees.

Can I pay to suppliers abroad?

Certainly! In addition to our local UK suppliers, we also facilitate international payments to a range of countries. This includes member states within the European Union, as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, India, Kosovo, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine. If you're paying invoices in different currencies, a small exchange fee will apply.

How long can I extend my loan for?

Typically, you can extend your loan anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Our repayment periods are based to your company's financial well-being. We'll assess this when you sign up and then give it a check-up every 30 days to keep things up-to-date.

How much does it cost to use Kikin?

There's no charge to establish your credit limit with us. For every invoice we pay on your behalf, a flat fee is applied. This fee is determined by your credit rating and your chosen repayment term, which can range from 1 to 6 months. To better understand the fee structure, you can use Our Calculator.

How will the repayments be deducted from my account?

When you add your first invoice, you'll link your account to the Direct Debit system. This system will automatically deduct payments each month until the full amount is repaid. For these transactions, we partner with GoCardless.

How is my financial data used?

We utilize your financial data exclusively to accurately assess your credit line. We only collaborate with FCA-regulated Open Banking providers to ensure the security of your information. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Should I inform my suppliers that I’m using Kikin?

No need. We'll mention the invoice when we send the payment, so they'll know where it's coming from.

Do you need personal guarantees?

We don’t take personal guarantees, never ask for equity and you don’t need to give up any security to secure funding.